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Yspot Innovation Ltd.


Yspot is a unique forward thinking platform, designed to revolutionize the connectivity between youth and organizations. Yspot aims to empower the next generation of socially engaged leaders we nurture innovative minds and encourage collaboration through meaningful conversations.

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Yspot designs bespoke internship programs in partnership with the schools and organizations to create meaningful and holistic work experiences. Our approach equips organizations with a unique opportunity to communicate with youth in a way that matters, providing them with mentorship, skills development and career guidance through collaborative internships. Bridging the gap between both stakeholders, we use technology to drive a seamless process that improves collaboration and simplifies the process for both youth and organizations at large. ○ Driving collaboration between youth and businesses ○ Addressing the real gap of career paths for millennials ○ Matching the right career opportunities with the right students ○ Encouraging meaningful conversations using the voice of the youth ○ Supporting youth through mindfulness and well being ○ Using technology to help streamline programs and drive a more seamless collaboration ○ Developing meaningful experiences for the youth Yspot wants to address the elephant in the room, the modern day method of connecting with youth is outdated. Getting the youth to learn new things can happen in a digital format, but to truly elevate their place in society earlier on, they need to apply this learning in a space that truly matters, the real world. Yspot has partnered with a number of large organizations including: School partners: ● GEMS ● DIA ● Zayed University Business partners: ● JBM Studios ● L’Oreal ● Ingram Micro ● Dr. Nicolas & ASP ● Imperial Healthcare ● Spanish Eye Clinic ● Anghami

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